Date: 3/6/23 2:08 pm
From: Karen <confergoldwing...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Loyuisiana Waterthrush in Finger Lakes Land Trust Preserves

The Finger Lakes regionis named for the beautiful lakes formed in north-south valleys carved by glaciers.Subsequently, dozens of east-west streams have formed gorges as water flowedover steep declines and into these lakes. These head water streams are often surroundedby mature forests and can provide clear water to the finger lakes. Thesestreams are a prized feature of the preserves of the Finger Lakes Land Trustand they provide the very specialized habitat required by the LouisianaWaterthrush.

The LouisianaWaterthrush nests exclusively along streams in mature forests. They feed onlarge, aquatic insect larvae that live in unpolluted streams with a fast flow. Thesespecialized requirements make this bird one of the rarest songbirds routinely nestingin the Finger Lakes region. The Finger Lakes Land Trust has established manypreserves that protect this ideal habitat. A survey of Louisiana Waterthrushbreeding in land trust preserves is likely to show a large number of these uncommonwarblers.

I would like to organizea survey of Louisiana Waterthrush nesting in the preserves of the Finger LakesLand Trust. If you are interested in helping this census, please contact JohnConfer <confergoldwing...>


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