Date: 3/4/23 11:12 am
From: Htva Waxwing <waxwing...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] My FOY Rusty Blackbird
While out driving along Fitzgerald Road in Schuyler County this morning, I came up on a mixed species foraging flock along side the road. Closer inspection with binoculars showed many Robins, several Cardinals, a few Starlings and Juncos and, what I thought at first was a Red-winged Blackbird. While the body structure and bill were the same as a RWBL, the body plumage was all jet black and it had a yellow iris. I took a few pictures of this Rusty, which I will upload to accompany my eBird list.

Then, after driving a bit further down Fitzgerald, I came upon a few Horned Larks and one lone Snow Bunting. Pictures will be coming soon to join that eBird list.

Finally! Some roadside birds this winter!

Ken Haas

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