Date: 3/3/23 9:51 am
From: Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...>
Subject: Columbia County Birding Spotlight
Hello everyone.

Columbia County Birding Spotlight on March 17-20, 2023

Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology (PSO) is promoting counties across
the state to explore its hotspots and find as many birds as we can.

On March 17-20, join us as we lead a concentrated effort to bird
Columbia County!We are joining forces with local birders, North Branch
Bird Club and Seven Mountains Audubon.

As a group, we want to document as many birds as possible during this
extended weekend. Birders are invited to tag along with trip leaders or
explore the county’s game lands, lake, river, fields, etc. on their own

We will be using a Whatsapp chat for texting, that we set up to get out
the word for rarities and group information.The link for that is

We will also create an eBird Trip Report to document the four-day bird
count.For anyone who is going to be birding during the 4-day birding
spotlight, we ask you share your eBird checklists with the PSO Birding
Data account then we can keep track easier.We will also be providing an
eBird Trip Report link where pictures, checklists, etc will be available
for everyone to enjoy.Here is the link to join

We will be sharing pics and updates on the Columbia County Birding
Spotlight event Facebook page at

North Branch Bird Club Facebook group -

Seven Mountains Audubon Facebook group -

So far, we have bird walks/field trips lined up for the first 3 days,
please check out the link on the spotlight event page for more info or
reach out to any of the groups involved.

Birders of all skill levels are invited to join-in and contribute!If you
just want to learn more about birds or you can help others and our
challenge, we want you to be involved!

Chad Kauffman, Mifflintown, PA

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