Date: 3/3/23 8:21 am
From: <job121830...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Union Springs TVs
We have had a few turkey vultures all winter but this a.m. "our" locals have returned. I counted at least 18 about 10 a.m. as they rose up from their "home" & shelter in the nearby evergreens.

Yesterday I glanced out the kitchen  window just as a magnificent male pheasant came around the corner on my back sidewalk! So sad to see him all by himself with no food, friends or shelter. Hopefully he found buds on bushes or drops under a bird feeder.
Bluebirds have been in the area all winter but now are coming almost daily to check out their box on the clothesline arm. A female house finch was with them on Wed.. Yrs. ago female house finches seemed to act like friends/caretakers of the bluebirds during brooding time & after babies hatched & I rarely had a house sparrow problem. .Then the  finch eye problem decimated the finch population to the point I didn't see any for maybe 5-7 yrs. & sparrows moved in.
Sounds like a nasty weather mix for tonight & tomorrow. Drive gently


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