Date: 3/1/23 2:31 pm
From: Patricia Velte <pvelte...>
Subject: March Migration Report (2 of 2)
Dear OKBirders,

This is the list of MARCH DEPATURES, based on the "Date Guide to the
Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma," Seventh Edition. Published by the
Oklahoma Ornithological Society C 2019.

Tundra Swan

March 13 - ALL

White-winged Scoter

March 28 - C, NE

Black Scoter

March 28 - NE

Long-tailed Duck

March 27 - PAN, NW, SW, C, SC, NE

Yellow Rail

March 1 - SE *rare in southern McCurtain Co. Only

American Woodcock

March 1 - NW, SW, C, SC

Little Gull

March 27 - C, SC, NE

Iceland Gull

March 15 - NW, C, NE, SE *rare for Thayer's race only; Also Thayer's race
rare in Le Flore co only in SE

Lesser Black-backed Gull

March 16 - C, NE *rare in Tulsa co only in NE

Glaucous Gull

March 9 - NW, C, NE

Golden Eagle

March 20 - PAN, NW, SW, SC, NE, SE *rare east to Osage and Pawnee cos; also
rare in Sequoyah co

Rough-legged Hawk

March 20 - SW, C

Ferruginous Hawk

March 25 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE *rare east to Washington, Tulsa and Okmulgee
cos only in NE

Prairie Falcon

March 28 - ALL

Northern Shrike

March 3 - PAN

Steller's Jay

March 15 - PAN * rare in northwestern Cimarron co only

White-breasted Nuthatch

March 1 - PAN rare in Cimarron county only

Sage Thrasher

March 3 - SW *rare in Harmon, Greer, Jackson, Kiowa and Comanche cos only

Cassin's Finch

March 3 - PAN * rare in Cimarron co only

Lapland Longspur

March 10 - ALL

Smith's Longspur

March 20 - SW, C, SC, NE *rare in Comanche co only; and Pontotoc, Johnston
and Marshall cos in SC

American Tree Sparrow

March 20 - PAN, NW and March 14 - C, NE and March 1 - SW

Rusty Blackbird

March 28 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

The Date Guide divides Oklahoma into 7 geographic regions, and lists the
normal dates of occurrence for each Oklahoma bird species within each
region. Observers are urged to report unusual species, or birds out of date
or out of normal range in Oklahoma, based on the information given in this

The Oklahoma Ornithological Society and Oklahoma Bird Records Committee web
lwevtBN_Ud9l_b9MMORF9n9FuyumXmcXyc&e=> , includes ordering information for
the Date Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma, information on
documenting significant records, documentation forms, instructions, and a
searchable database for Oklahoma bird migration information. Birders are
cordially invited to join the Oklahoma Ornithological Society.

Happy birding!

Pat Velte

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Oklahoma City, OK

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