Date: 2/27/23 4:54 pm
From: Diane Morton <dianegmorton...>
Subject: [cayugabirds-l] Greater White-fronted Goose at Salt Point
This afternoon I was at Salt Point and noticed a Goose with a pink-orange
bill with white around it. The bird was bathing vigorously and showed dark
barring on the belly -- Greater White-fronted Goose!
(confirmed by Jay McGowan from photos I showed him later).

I was interrupted while viewing the goose and did not refind it. It had
been among the Canada Geese, not far off shore from the little Free
Library, where there were also about 20 American Wigeon. There were
hundreds of Canada Geese on the north side of Salt Point this afternoon,
and I also found one Cackling Goose there.

Low quality digiscope photos are included with my eBird checklist:

I hope others can refind the Greater White-fronted Goose tomorrow.

Diane Morton


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