Date: 2/27/23 3:50 pm
From: Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: Great Horned Owl - Clearfield County
On Sunday, Feb. 26, while lying in bed 6:05 A.M., I got a HUGE smile on my face by hearing a Great Horned Owl, which wasn't very loud. It hooted for about two minutes and then got louder and closer to my house and hooted for another two minutes.

I haven't heard any owls on my property for several years. 30 years ago, when we first moved onto our 100 acre property, I heard mostly Great Horned owls frequently, especially while in bed.

Sadly, I haven't gotten an owl for the DuBois Christmas Bird count for several years at my house. I stand outside to listen first. Then I pull my car outside the garage and put the windows down. If I don't hear anything, I play the owl protocol from a flash drive through my speakers for Screech, Barred and Great Horned owls. I have had all three of those on my property over the years.

Is the lack of owls on my property in recent years due to species decline or some other factors? There have been no widespread housing developments built in the surrounding fields. Just an odd new house has been built here and there in my area.

I love birding in bed!

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois
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