Date: 2/27/23 7:58 am
From: Grove, Deborah Shuey <dsg4...>
Subject: Seminar with Dr. Amanda Rodewald
Dr. Amanda Rodewald will be the seminar speaker for the 2023 Penn State Arboretum Avian Education Program Seminar series on March 16, 5:00 pm in 112 Forest Resources Building. For those wishing to view the talk on zoom, please register at
Amanda received her PhD in Ecology at Penn State in 2000. Her talk is titled “Strategic conservation in an uncertain world: it takes a village.” Conserving biodiversity within working landscapes where benefits accrue to both people and the environment is possible through innovative and strategic approaches and partnerships. Amanda will discuss a number of examples of her interdisciplinary research and partnerships. Shade grown coffee is one example where the trees provide habitat to birds and the environment, the birds provide benefits to the plants, and the people gain economic benefits through sustainably grown coffee. Interdisciplinary approaches to research and conservation are the key to success.
Dr. Amanda Rodewald is the Garvin Professor and Senior Director of the Center for Avian Population Studies at Cornell University. Dr. Rodewald’s contributions to our understanding of avian population and community responses to changes in land use, climate, and invasive species have been vast. Her broad interdisciplinary approach integrates population, community, and landscape ecology with conservation biology and sustainability science, to address pressing conservation challenges, particularly for forest birds, in both temperate and tropical landscapes. Amanda aligns her research and outreach efforts in ways that support policy and management, and she regularly collaborates with and/or advises partners in government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector.

Deborah S Grove
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