Date: 2/24/23 11:55 am
From: cynthia burkhart <000000990b36e23b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Red-winged Blackbirds, Grackles, Geese, and Sharp-shinned Hawk
My FOY red-winged blackbird here in Ritchie County was on Feb. 10. Had 2-3 each day until Feb.16, when there were 10. Dropped back to 2-5 each day, then 13 on Feb. 22. Then back to 2-5 again.
20 Common Grackles showed up today. Beautiful and glossy in the sunshine.
The pair of Canada Geese that hung out in our stock pond, pasture, front yard pond and front yard last spring is back again this year. Can anyone explain why geese honk so much when coming in to land on the pond?
We had a close encounter with a Sharp-shinned hawk yesterday. I was in the barn and my husband was working on a project in the driveway when a Sharpie flew into the woven wire pasture fence, about 6’ from the barn. Jay heard the “thunk”, then called me out of the barn to see. The hawk, still alive, was hanging upside down, holding onto the wire with one toe. I carefully loosened its grip, the hawk fell softly to the ground, then flew , just a few feet above ground, for about 20’, landed, and rested. After about 5 minutes, the Sharpie flew off, looking good. Today, I saw a Sharp-shinned hawk fly through the front (full of feeders) yard, twice. It didn’t catch anything. I’m hoping it’s the same bird.
Cynthia Burkhart

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