Date: 2/23/23 6:09 pm
From: Bruni <bruni...>
Subject: Double Vision
Decided to check on the eagles later than usual tonight.  When we got down there the white head was visible.  The bird in the nest is usually facing me which is nice.

Sitting there and just soaking up the mild temps in the fading light was lovely.  A small herd of deer in the meadow looked up to check us out.  Along the edge of the Shenandoah a group of Canada Geese were deciding whether to stay or go.  Two pairs of Common Mergansers were a bit farther down.

I saw movement in the nest but it didn't make sense.  Not the usual white on both ends.  Next thing you know there are two heads.  The mate must have flown in from the back while I looked away.  Nice to see the pair again.  One stayed in the nest and the mate flew up to the tall horizontal branch above the nest, a favorite perch. 

A sliver of moon, Jupiter and Venus accompanied us on the walk home.

Bruni Haydl

Charles Town, WV

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