Date: 8/5/22 7:18 pm
From: Jamie Chavez via <almiyi...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Change to eBird Exotic and Introduced Species Policy
County eBirders,

Many of you may not be aware of this yet but eBird has changed their policy regarding [Exotic and Introduced Species]( as of this week. These will now display on maps at higher levels in orange and asterisk icons in checklist entries denote introduced or exotic species. You can read all the details at the link. My message here is to let you know that many of the checklists containing exotics and escapees that we reviewers once marked 'Not valid - Species: Exotic/Introduced' will now display on the maps and be available through output tools. Reviewers no longer need to make a determination about these in our area other than to verify the identification is correct because eBird handles the exotic/introduced/escapee issue automatically.

Many people, myself included, are reluctant to include exotics or escapees in our lists because they count toward county list totals. However, eBird will implement a change in the near future that will alter this:

Later this year, Escapees (birds that have escaped or been intentionally released from captivity) will no longer be counted in your [eBird Life List]( or Top100 totals.

This change means you are encouraged to enter exotics and escapees because these won't count toward your totals (in the near future) and we will have the information available to us through maps, graphs, and other eBird output tools. From the webpage:

Report ALL free-flying species—including Provisional and Escapee species—whenever you find them!

I recently posted a message about an additional web page I added to the sbcobirding website listing the known [Introduced Birds of Santa Barbara County]( Several on this list are not found in the SBA county eBird data yet because checklists have not been submitted for them, but hopefully in time we will add some of the missing ones.

Jamie M. Chavez
Santa Maria, CA

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