Date: 8/5/22 4:41 pm
From: Cindy Cloyd <cindy...>
Subject: House Finches & purslane plants

I've grown purslane for many years in various pots & planters around the
place because it's such a good hot-weather plant. The house finches are
really feasting on them this year & just within the last month. Hardly a
bud comes up that a finch doesn't get. They're eating the leaves too but
doesn't seem to be enough to hurt the plant. There's just no blooms left
anymore. I don't recall them ever making this much of an impact before.
Could this be due to the extremely hot weather we've been having? They're
also feeding on blackoil seeds & are regulars at the birdbath.

Cindy Cloyd

Muskogee, OK

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