Date: 8/5/22 9:54 am
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Subject: Re: [hmbirds] Rufous Hummingbird - No
My wife told me earlier this morning (10 a.m.-ish?) that she watched a "different" hummingbird at our feeder as it spent a good long time drinking. We get male and female Ruby-throats regularly, and she said this one was quite different. She said it was "really brown." After reading your posting, I shared it with her and asked her more questions. Then I got Sibley's guide where the Rufous and Ruby-throat are side by side. She immediately picked the Rufous out of the line-up!

I wish she had found me outside - I'm so sorry I missed it. I did mention that in the future she should get a photo!

Jeff Schoonmaker

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Subject: [EXT] [hmbirds] Rufous Hummingbird - No

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I spent a couple of hours watching the feeders in hopes that the adult
male Rufous Hummingbird that Daniel S. found and photographed in Delmar
this morning (reported on eBird) would return. I had no luck. There were
three Ruby-throated Hummingbirds visiting regularly.

John Kent


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