Date: 8/5/22 8:18 am
From: Bruni Haydl <bruni...>
Subject: Birdbath activity
It was hot and humid yesterday afternoon so the birdbath was very
popular around 4:00 o' clock.  I sat by the window in the comfort of air
conditioning and watched what seemed like a parade.  In little more than
half an hour I'd counted 19 species.  Special birds were a bunch of
bluebird youngsters with a variety of incoming breast feathers.  A male
Indigo bunting had been here earlier but this time it was three
females.  They were that brownish color but had just a hint of blue on
the wings when they started splashing around.  One Chipping Sparrow also
showed up.

The Baltimore orioles are always a delight, adults and offspring. Two
Northern flickers also came to drink.  The highlight was a female
Redstart.  I hadn't seen one for a while but that flared tail jogged my
memory.  She was here for a good ten minutes, sometimes sharing the bath
with another bird.  What a treat!  Just like the Blue-gray gnatcatcher
that shows up every few days.

There were also two Cowbird, several Grackles that displayed their
iridescent colors.  They are really quite pretty when seen individually
or in a small group.  The most interesting bird was an immature
starling.  He had that light tan coloring except for two large patches
on his breast that were black with the spots.  Made him look like he had
a vest on.

Hummingbird numbers too have increased with three feeders in full use. 
A Carolina wren has set up housekeeping in the back of a flowerpot.  I
can just water the plant from the front.  Cute to see her little face
peering out.

I don't know if it is the heat, the bird traffic or a combination but I
have to clean the birdbaths with a brush every day even though I have
fresh water dripping into the pedestal bath. The garden wire surrounding
the area behind the birdbath has not helped in keeping deer and
especially rabbits out the birds love it and make good use of it.  So I
will swallow my dislike and live with it.

Butterfly activity is also up. There was one beautiful female Tiger
Swallowtail that seemed especially big.  I held my phone up to her and
she measured 5 inches.

Bruni Haydl
Charles Town
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