Date: 8/5/22 7:07 am
From: Steve Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] August 5 - This Date in NHBirds List History!
2001 - Steve Mirick reports of his incredible adventure in the White
Mountains of discovering NESTING BOREAL OWLS!  After being stood up by
future wife :-) he follows up on a report by Rob Sawyer to find and
capture video of a juvenile Boreal Owl.  I believe still the only
confirmed nesting in the eastern United States.
2001 - Mike Harvey reports the continuation of one or two Sedge Wrens at
Foss Farm in Durham.
2004 - Bob Quinn reports a remarkable total of 6 species of shorebirds
at the "Airport Pond" at Whitefield airport.
2004 - Mike Harvey reports a nice diversity of rare birds along the
coast including a Black-headed Gull, a Red Knot, and a Hudsonian Godwit.
2006 - Dave Govatski reports celebrating his birthday with Kathi
spending the weekend on Mount Jefferson.  He reports 3 Gray Jays, 2
B-Backed Woodpeckers, and 15 Boreal Chickadees.
2007 - Scott Young reports a count of 173 Bobolinks in a field in Northwood.
2008 - Eric Masterson reports all 4 species of sheawaters from whale
watch and from shore.  He also reports a Hudsonian Godwit in Hampton harbor.
2008 - Rob Woodward reports results from "Nest Quest 2008" where he
confirmed nesting of 75 species in Concord.
2009 - Ben Griffith reports a continuing Hudsonian Godwit in Hampton
harbor.  He also reports an out of place Mississippi Kite in Newfields.
2009 - Len Medlock (with Eric & JoAnn) reports a juvenile Red-necked
Phalarope at Plaice Cove in Hampton.
2010 - Steve Mirick (and Len) report a juvenile Yellow-crowned
Night-heron in Hampton harbor with a Whimbrel, and 3 Roseate Terns.
2010 - Steve Mirick reports that a Northern Gannet (caught on a hook)
rescued from Seabrook Beach in June had been released back into the
wild!  (Happy!)
2013 - Jane Rice reports 2 Great Egrets off Meredith Neck Road in Meredith
2014 - Steve Mirick reports that a 17+ year old male Roseate Tern that
had been inadvertently hooked by a fisherman in Hampton harbor succumbed
to its injuries (Sad)

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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