Date: 8/1/22 4:44 pm
From: Patricia Velte <pvelte...>
Subject: August Migration Report
Greetings OKBirders,

Below are the Arrival and Departure lists for August.


Green-winged Teal

August 26 - ALL


August 15 - ALL

Black-bellied Plover

August 2 - ALL

American Golden-Plover

August 28 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE

Wilson's Snipe

August 21 - ALL

Red-necked Phalarope

August 28 - ALL

California Gull

August 11 - PAN, NW, C, SC, NE

Common Tern

August 18 - NW, C, SC, NE

American Bittern

August 25 - ALL


August 15 - ALL

Northern Harrier

August 24 - SW, C, SC, SE

Olive-sided Flycatcher

August 18 - ALL

Western Wood-Pewee

August 16 - PAN Cimarron Co only

Alder Flycatcher

August 4 - C, SC, NE, SE

Hammond's Flycatcher

August 28 - PAN Rare in Cimarron Co only

Dusky Flycatcher

August 27 - Rare in Cimarron Co only

Cassin's Vireo

August 25 - PAN *rare in Cimarron Co only

Tree Swallow

August 1 - SW, C

White-breasted Nuthatch

August 30 - rare in Cimarron county only

Clay-colored Sparrow

August 18 - PAN

Brewer's Sparrow

August 25 - PAN *Cimarron co only

Brewer's Blackbird

August 27 - PAN

American Redstart

August 21 - ALL

Black-headed Grosbeak

August 21 - PAN

Black-throated Green Warbler

August 13 - ALL

Canada Warbler

August 28 - C, SC, NE, SE

Lazuli Bunting

August 18 -PAN

MacGillivray's Warbler

August 20 - PAN

Mourning Warbler

August 25 - C, SC, NE, SE

Northern Waterthrush

August 25 - AL

Virginia's Warbler

August 15 - PAN


Black-bellied Whistling-Duck

August 26 - NW, SW, C, SC

Western Kingbird

August 23 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE - All counties except Delaware, Cherokee
and Adair in NE, and east to Pittsburg, Atoka and western Choctaw cos. In SE

Wood Thrush

August 28 - SW, C, SC, NE, SE * rare in Caddo and Comanche cos only in SW

Bachman's Sparrow

August 31 - NE, SE *rare in Osage, Creek, Okmulgee and Delaware cos only in
NE; rare in Atoka, Pushmataha and McCurtain cos only in SE

Louisiana Waterthrush

August 23 - NW, SW, C, SC, NE, SE *Major, Dewey and Blaine cos only in NW;
and Caddo and Comanche cos only in SW

Blue-winged Warbler

August 8 - NE

Prairie Warbler

August 20 - NE, SE

Scarlet Tanager

August 6 - NE, SE

Worm-eating Warbler

August 25 - NE, SE

The Date Guide divides Oklahoma into 7 geographic regions, and lists the
normal dates of occurrence for each Oklahoma bird species within each
region. Observers are urged to report unusual species, or birds out of date
or out of normal range in Oklahoma, based on the information given in this

The Oklahoma Ornithological Society and Oklahoma Bird Records Committee web
lwevtBN_Ud9l_b9MMORF9n9FuyumXmcXyc&e=> , includes ordering information for
the Date Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma, information on
documenting significant records, documentation forms, instructions, and a
searchable database for Oklahoma bird migration information. Birders are
cordially invited to join the Oklahoma Ornithological Society.

Happy birding!

Pat Velte

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Oklahoma City, OK

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