Date: 8/1/22 10:37 am
From: Steve Johnson <stevenrjohnson89...>
Subject: Re: No sighting: Question about purchased humingbird nectar
Hi Jo Ann,

I've always been told to just use 4 parts water and 1 part sugar. The store bought nectar is mainly a marketing ploy, as homemade sugar water is just as effective and more than likely healthier for the hummingbirds. If you use the pre-made nectar make sure there are no preservatives or chemical dyes in them. If your hummingbirds aren't enjoying your nectar, I would suggest switching to homemade sugar water. It's easy and cheaper on the wallet. The most important thing, especially this time of year is to make sure the nectar stays fresh. In this heat you need to change out the nectar every 1-2 days to avoid spoiling.

Here is a helpful youtube video by Mark McKellar on this topic:

He is an Ornithologist and owns the Backyard Bird Center in Kansas City.

Hope that helps and good luck!

Steve Johnson
Kansas City

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