Date: 7/31/22 6:56 pm
From: Marge Lumpe <margelumpe...>
Subject: Sunday at Hi Lonesome
It was a beautiful morning at Hi Lonesome. The temperature was a perfect
70 degrees, virtually no wind and the skies were overcast. A good number
of birds were vocalizing. Two highlights were a Loggerhead Shrike and a
female Orchard Oriole.
There were more Henslow's Sparrows chirping than I had heard all season,
and fewer Grasshopper Sparrows. Downy/Hair Woodpeckers were feeding on the
mullein stalks. One Bell's Vireo was around the intersection of Lumpee
Avenue and the Rock Island Trail. Still lots of Dickcissels. While I saw
23 Northern Bobwhite's on the 9th of July, I did not see or hear any on
this day.
Complete list is on ebird.
Happy Birding!
Marge Lumpe
Benton County

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