Date: 7/31/22 12:01 pm
From: Jo Ann Eldridge <joann621...>
Subject: No sighting: Question about purchased humingbird nectar
I was given a gift of "Kaytee Ready To Use Hummingbird ElectroNectar" with
the words on the label, "Naturally Clear Hummingbird Nectar with
Electroytes, Just Like Flowers!"
Actually the hummingbirds didn't seem to like it, although I do not have an
abundance of hummingbirds, but the one or two that came regularly didn't
linger and I threw out a lot of too long in the sun nectar.
Has anyone used this product? And since it doesn't say sugar on the
ingredients, is it an efficient food for the hummingbirds to "fatten-up" on
before migration? I would welcome comments. Thank you.
Jo Ann Eldridge, Clay Co.

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