Date: 7/31/22 10:30 am
From: Gregory Hanisek via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Lighthouse Pt migration
The northbound migration iof shorebirds in May gets overshadowed by
warblers. Right now things are in reverse: the exciting southbound
shorebird push, augmented by an amazingly cooperative Curlew Sandpiper, is
getting all the juice. But landbird migration has begun as well, as
underlined by Paul Desdjardins amazingly eraary Blackpoll Warbler a few
days ago.

This morning, after a bit of dithering, I headed to Lighthouse Point Park
in New Haven. This is one of the state's premier places to observe diurnal
migration in fall, but prime time is Sept to early Nov. But with good
weather (that is moderate northwest winds) I knew something would be
happening this morning. I didn't get there until 8:15, but I immediately
found myself in the midst of a little-known but consistent and reliable
late summer movement - the early push of Red-winged Blackbirds.

Because I'm easily amused, I've been coming to Lighthouse on promising
days in late July through August for years, and I had no doubt today would
produce a 4-digit count of passage Red-wingeds. Signed, sealed, delivered.
From 8:15 to 9:15 I logged 2400. It then slowed down, with only 200 more
before it essentially ended at 9:30.

I'm not aware of this movement being readily apparent anywhere else in the
state, which underscores Lighthouse's value as a convergence point for
diurnal migrants, most famously raptors. By the time the hawks start in
Septemeber, this phase of the Red-winged migration is over. The really big
movement of Icterids won't resume until after mid-October into the peak in
the first week of November.

I didn't get much else on the move today, other than some Barn Swallows,
but before Sept there will be noteworthy flights of Eastern Kingbirds and

Greg Hanisek

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