Date: 7/30/22 4:23 pm
From: Melinda Droege <oklagranny26...>
Subject: Re: Payne County - Cinnamon Teal, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher and other fall migrants

Thanks for your got lots of good ones! I noticed that the
Cinnamon Teal is in a restricted area, so not available to all? In any
case I appreciate you noted restricted area in eBird as in the past I have
gone places that I didn't have access to.
Thanks again for the Mexican Violetear!

Melinda Droege

On Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 3:45 PM Scott Loss <scottrloss...> wrote:

> I took advantage of the cool weather today and birded all around the
> Stillwater area in Payne County.
> There were lots of early migrants out there including some rarities - my
> best sightings were a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher along the Cimarron River at
> Hackelman Rd, and a Cinnamon Teal (male nonbreeding plumage) at the Cushing
> Water Treatment Plant. The teal sighting seems especially notable as there
> appear to be very few Oklahoma records east of I-35 outside of spring.
> Also uncommon for Payne County in July were a Hooded Merganser at Cushing,
> a singing Alder Flycatcher at the OSU botanical garden, and a Swainson's
> Hawk along 68th st just west of the Cimmaron River.
> Photos of the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher can be found in this eBird
> checklist:
> <;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!9lOMEK-CuLF2-aS4KCnNnJZluCXrOo-my7YgUhTD2L2kkoAiUkAbLPWpDQKlmQhZu2l9lWC3mUWEb0tBwJ7r4g$>
> And a photo of the Cinnamon Teal can be found at:
> <;!!GNU8KkXDZlD12Q!9lOMEK-CuLF2-aS4KCnNnJZluCXrOo-my7YgUhTD2L2kkoAiUkAbLPWpDQKlmQhZu2l9lWC3mUWEb0vSPIRj6w$>
> Scott Loss
> Stillwater

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