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I am saddened to hear of any birder's passing in Missouri, though the passing of Charlene sounds like an extra-special one. I wish Jim peace and comfort.

A few of you have chimed in to say that you wished you had birded with Charlene more. I take this opportunity to encourage us all to do that very thing. Let us all be inspired to reach out and make those personal connections and spend more time reveling in nature with one another. To this day, already 2 years after his passing, I wish I'd birded more with my good friend Brad Jacobs. I try not to live with regret, and our son was born and toddling at the time and that was most important. But we should try to hang out with each other more, humbly and gently passing on knowledge (as it sounds like Charlene did, and as our friend Brad did too), making birding mistakes and discoveries together; try to stand next to one another pointing out nature's finer details, closing our eyes into the sunshine on a chilly morning, breathing in the smell of the spring breeze and feeling it on our cheeks, and hearing the birds sing and call and chip. What else is life about, after all?

Happy Friday to all and rest in peace, Charlene.

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Mo Birders,

Jim Malone informed me that his wife, Charlene Malone died last night. "She went peacefully," Jim said. But that's not how Charlene lived. She was a force of nature in the St. Louis birding community. For two decades Charlene birded the area from Busch CA to the west to Carlyle Lake to the east from Two Rivers NWR to the north to Baldwin Lake to the south, Charlene was there and often in several places in a day's time.

Few birders could match her keen eye, nor her knowledge of bird song. And in those two decades no one found more "Hot-Line" birds than Charlene did. I remember a day in early April, 2000, when she called in a Black Scoter at Riverlands and within a couple of hours, she called again to report a Ruff on Collinsville Road in nearby Illinois.

Physical infirmities finally caught up with Charlene. She has been inactive for a few years, but there was a time......

Connie Alwood
St. Louis County

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