Date: 7/28/22 3:29 pm
From: plm108 <plm108...>
Subject: Re: Bald Knob NWR Shorebirds and Waders
Two updates.1. Glenn Wyatt reminded me he had a Semipalmated Plover yesterday, so that's another fun bird to look for.2. Location of Black-crowned Night-herons: Take Huntsman Rd west of the silos. Turn on the first drivable gravel rd on the left (just before the low water bridge). Go almost a mile to where the larger trees come close to the road on the left -- where Cypress Trees and their knees are visible. Shortly past this area is a grassy dirt road on the left. It will be very muddy with these rains, so I suggest you park here and walk on the road for about 75-100 yards. Keep an eye out for birds flying out from the small bushy area in the swamp on your left. Soon you'll begin to see the water area in the center of these bushes. This is where the night-herons have recently been seen. They are very shy and will likely fly out and toward the Cypress in the back of this area. Please keep in mind that others may want to see these birds too and disturbing them too much may cause all of them to disappear into the back trees for an extended time, resulting in others not being able to enjoy them too. So a short, quiet visit may be best. We have hiked out there a few times and have had no problem with ticks or chiggers, but repellent is recommended. Patty McLean 
-------- Original message --------From: plm108 <plm108...> Date: 7/28/22 2:14 PM (GMT-06:00) To: <ARBIRD-L...> Subject: Bald Knob NWR Shorebirds and Waders The refuge has some good feeding areas for us birders to look for migrants. Michael and I went this morning after the rain and noticed a big uptick in shorebirds and waders. Nothing super rare but still fun to see, particularly...100+ Black-necked Stilt12 Stilt Sandpipers1 Wilson's Phalarope3 Western Sandpiper1-2 Semipalmated SandpiperMany Long and Short-billed Dowitchers, Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs, Pectoral and Least Sandpipers and Killdeer2 White Ibis (juveniles)Many Great Blue, Great, Little Blue and Snowy Egrets/Herons4 handsome Black Tern2 Bank Swallow8-9 Black-crowned Night-heronThings should pick up even more after the rains. Hope you get a chance to go over the upcoming days/weeks. Patty McLean and Michael Linz The Roadrunners of White and Faulkner Counties 


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