Date: 7/28/22 2:17 pm
From: Martha Jordan <mj.cygnus...>
Subject: [Tweeters] dead bird reporting -
The sad fact is that avian influenza is here and seems to be just about
Wildlife rehabilitators are reporting this in the birds they are taking in
from people -- song birds, waterfowl, waterbirds, raptors, owls,....
Testing is being done.
David Armstrong is correct: DO NOT TOUCH or attempt to retrieve dead
birds you find. If in your yard, put on gloves, scoop into a baggie and put
it in the garbage. Do not bury it as if another animal digs it up, that can
spread if the bird died of AI. Do not put them in your freezer or take
them to a museum unless you are sure how they died. Again, this is a
highly transmissible disease.
That said, here is where WDFW recommends you can report dead birds you
Report online using this link:
Alternatively, people can email <teammillcreek...> or call

Thank you for reporting.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA

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