Date: 7/27/22 12:55 pm
From: Michael May <2y2m2u...>
Subject: [ia-bird] Summer finds
A lovely day to go out "bird-stalking," which is what my hubby says I
do. 😁 Mulberry trees are great attractors for birds, too--including
redheaded woodpeckers (both adults & juvies).

Along with some of the 'usual & customary' birds of summer, some of my
finds that made me happier are
blue grosbeak males (2, 2 different places)
cedar waxwing
warbling vireo
furtive rose-breasted grosbeaks.
I thought orchard orioles were vamoose, but one adult male was dining in a
mulberry, & that made my day. But not as much as the eastern
towhee--singing behind the pickup so I couldn't see him. I had reception in
SE Wildwood Park, so tried playing songs & calls. The bird sound shifted to
in front of me, actually 10 ft straight above the pickup, a very intrigued
male towhee trying to figure out whom his competition was. I felt kinda
mean taunting him, so quit playing the calls & still got some very good

Happy birding, all you all!
-Kristy, Plymouth Co

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