Date: 7/25/22 12:25 pm
From: Shelly Colatskie <Shelly.Colatskie...>
Subject: Re: Not a bird question - Turtles
Hi Steve,

Copying everyone in case others try to respond.

It is probably the common three-toed box turtle. They’re found across the state. The ornate box turtle is the only other box turtle species found in Missouri.

Thank you,

Shelly Colatskie

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Sent: Monday, July 25, 2022 1:48 PM
Subject: Not a bird question - Turtles

Saw below my feeder here in Jefferson City a box turtle with bright orange markings. Have never seen one like that before. Looked it up and it appears to be an Eastern Box Turtle. Looked up it's range and it showed up to the Mississippi River but not further west on two different maps. Also a Washington University list of Missouri turtles did not have it on it. So did I get a mega rarity in the turtle world or just not documented?

Alse have had 4-6 regular squirrels where one just now has a wound on the back like I have never seen. I suppose a hawk got a grip on it.

On the bird front all of the regulars...

I know this was not a bird question but it is still nature, Missouri, and a slow time in the birding world so thought I would sneek it in...

Steve Griffaw
Jefferson City Mo

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