Date: 7/24/22 8:04 pm
From: Rubega, Margaret via CTBirds <ctbirds...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Reverse Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tern Challenge
Hello, CT Birders,

If you are out and about in the heat at the coast, you may notice that terns have begun to appear. Adult terns and their successful offspring are beginning to leave their breeding spots and congregate at coastal sites. At Great Gull Island this year, we put plastic field readable (PFR) bands on 100 Roseate and 100 Common Tern hatchlings, to determine if we could measure fledging rates by resighting banded birds. Those birds have begun leaving GGI -- Matthew Male spotted one of them today in Waterford; in a fascinating first, we saw it BACK on Great Gull this evening. Interested in the challenge of looking for a needle in the haystack? It's kind of like being Willy Wonka, only the bird is the golden ticket, and there's no chocolate involved. If you spot one of these birds, we would LOVE to hear from you. The bands are made out of plastic and have 3 digit alpha-numeric codes printed on them in a contrasting color -- the Common Tern young of the year are wearing black bands with white l
ettering; the Roseate Tern young of the year are wearing yellow bands with black lettering. The most valuable observations would be of the complete band code, but even spotting the band without being able to read it is informative. Reports sent directly to me at <margaret.rubega...> would keep from cluttering up the CTBirds feed.

Happy birding.

Margaret Rubega
CT State Ornithologist
Curator, Ornithology Collections
Dept Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Connecticut

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