Date: 7/23/22 7:18 pm
From: Lynn Wohlers <wohlers13...>
Subject: [Tweeters] Common nighthawk and nestlings
I stumbled on a Common nighthawk this afternoon on Fidalgo Island (ACFL
Sugarloaf area). The presumed female jumped from the nest to a spot about 5
ft away and did a distraction display while hissing at me. I was only 3 ft
away when this happened and hadn't seen her. She held her wings out, stayed
close to the ground, and hopped around while hissing.
I felt bad about disturbing her and slowly backed away while taking as many
quick photos as I could, including a few of the two nestlings huddled
together on the ground. The sighting was a huge surprise since I've never
seen one in 4 years of living here - but I don't go out much at night,
ebird wasn't loading properly so I couldn't tell whether there have been
recent sightings in Fidalgo - does anyone have information about nighthawks
in this area? It also seems late for unfledged nestlings but I'm not
knowledgeable about the species.
(photos on request)

Lynn Wohlers
Fidalgo Island

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