Date: 7/23/22 1:48 pm
From: kim <leo811sf...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Avian Flu and Reporting Dead, Sick, or Injured Birds
Hello Group

As the Avian Flu has been detected in Sacramento, those holding captive Birds await immediate news of any detection in San Francisco.

Reminder that ongoing protocol if you sight a Dead, Sick or Injured Bird (or any other Wildlife) should be to report it to SF Animal Care and Control.  ACC hotline is 415.554.9400

Reporting any in a timely manner will benefit all, especially if the Bird or Animal is Sick or Injured.  In the case of the Avian Flu, detection, sooner than later will save lives.

Unfortunately, the group of dead Gulls that was reported, was picked up by ACC and NOT tested.  They said State did not request it.  I spoke to CA Fish and Wildlife and they disagree and say they knew nothing about those Birds, maintaining that testing is priority.  Not sure where the disconnect is but, we must still all do our part.

Much appreciated
Kim F. in SF

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