Date: 7/23/22 12:17 pm
From: laura hulbert <lhulbert1123...>
Subject: Community Outreach for Ornithology
Good afternoon! I hope this type of message is allowed, if not I apologize.

I wanted to reach out to some established birders who might know of someone
in Tahlequah who would be interested in some casual birding. I've put
together a FB group to help coordinate guided bird trips throughout
Tahlequah. This group is open to everyone regardless of their current
birding ability and bird knowledge.

All birding trips will be LGBTQ+ inclusive and mobility aid accessible. It
is my intention to grow the birding community by catering to the backyard
birders, and those who enjoy nature but either don't want to or are unable
to go on extensive hikes and excursions.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about the native
birds of Oklahoma, please consider joining and spreading the word.

Let's go birding together!

Northeastern Oklahoma Birding Collective

Laura Hulbet

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