Date: 7/20/22 10:04 am
From: Beverly Hargrove via <bgrove004...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] possible yellow rail SJWS
Yesterday on the southwest corner of pond 2 I briefly saw a small yellowish caramel colored bird with black streaks on its back crouched on flattened bulrush on the right side of a boat access ramp. It was about the size of a MODO. When it took off there were white splotches on the trailing edge of the short rounded wings. I'm reporting it as a Yellow Rail. Only an Audubon summer camp attendee was with me and I do not know what field marks he may have seen.Maybe my memory is faulty but I remember YERA rarely at the marsh in years past. I thought they even nested a few times. Perhaps I have conflated it with a different rail.Whatever, perhaps someone can verify that they have been seen at the marsh in the past or that I am full of beans.Not likely to be easily seen to verify in those dense reeds on backside of pond 2.Beverly HargroveCosta Mesa CA

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