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Subject: Re: A heart warming conservation story
We enjoyed the trip with you to Refugio Paz de Las Aves and thanks for sharing the story. We helped them financially but did not know the story behind the financial need. Many of the Birding Travel groups around the world also added the gofundme need to their weekly mailings. I am Happy we made the goal to save this property and the legacy that they share with the world will continue.

Jerry Wayne Davis
Hot Springs, AR

From: Ragupathy Kannan
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Subject: A heart warming conservation story

If you want a heart warming conservation success story that involved Arkansas birders, please read on.

In Ecuador, there is this magical place where the spectacular Cock-of-the Rocks aggregate in leks. But the place is more known for being the home of the antpitta whisperer. Long ago, a farmer tilling his land noticed that antpittas, shy and skulking birds of the rainforest understory, would venture out furtively to pick earthworms exposed by his activities. Eventually, they responded to his voice and whistles and became more and more bold. Today, scores of birders from around the world go there to see 3 species of antpittas. Some quails too got into the action. This has been a hotspot for birders for 17 years.

The place was owned by the matriarch of the family, who passed away recently, leaving the property to her 9 children. However, the antpitta whisperer and another brother were the only ones who wanted to preserve the land for wildlife. The others had their family obligations and wanted to sell the property to raise cattle. So, this enchanting place faced a clear and present existential threat.

The antpitta whisperer and his friends started a Gofundme campaign to raise the $155,000 needed to buy the land and protect it for posterity. They had four months from April 8, 2022, to raise this money. It seemed formidable.

But birders from around the world pitched in. In March 2018, I had taken a group of AR-birders to this place as part of an AAST fundraising tour. I sent an appeal to all of them. Many of us contributed.

We did it! The goal was surpassed today. Over 1,300 people contributed to raise $156,020 and counting.

For colorful photos of antpittas and other birds from this place, see: eBird Checklist - 19 Mar 2018 - Refugio Paz de las Aves (Angel Paz) - 50 species

For more on this Gofundme campaign:


eBird Checklist - 19 Mar 2018 - Refugio Paz de las Aves (Angel Paz) - 50...
Submitted by Ragupathy Kannan.


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