Date: 7/18/22 8:06 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: Re: Farewell event for Dr. Vivek Govind Kumar
If I wasn't going to be busy with some of the kids that day, I'd be
there. I've had the pleasure of birding with Vivek on several
occasions.  One of them was when there was a Cape may warbler at lake
Fayetteville and when I reached out, he said he'd stay there and wait
while I made the approximately 30 minute drive to go find it.
I don't know how many people I'd get along with on a personal level...
but as far as birding goes, Vivek, it's been a pleasure. I wish you well
in your new path.

Daniel Mason

On 7/18/2022 8:09 AM, Ragupathy Kannan wrote:
> "/Can you please help me put this kid on the right track? He is a
> super genius. Really.  I want to get him to Arkansas before someone
> else snatches him. He also is a great birder, but he wants to keep
> that as a hobby :(/ "
> I sent the above email with the subject "A great potential recruit" on
> 27 April 2017 to some professors in Fayetteville. The shortest
> recommendation letter I ever wrote! The profs acted promptly and
> brought him in. The rest is history. With 7 papers in computational
> biophysics and some more in the pipeline, I am sure they are glad they
> got him. And he has been such a blessing to the ornithology of Arkansas!
> Our friend and birding buddy Dr. Vivek Govind Kumar has accepted a
> post-doc position at Purdue University. He will begin his duties there
> by mid-August. Those who would like to participate in a farewell
> birding expedition are invited to join Vivek, Joe, and me in the river
> valley this Saturday, July 23. It will be HOT-HOT-HOT, so we are
> planning to start at 7 AM and end at 11 AM, then adjourn to the India
> Restaurant in the truck stop at 1107 Georgia Ridge Drive in Mulberry
> by 11:30. Vivek loves their hot samosas! The meeting spot at 7 AM is
> the big parking lot behind the Alma McDonald’s at
> 35.486839,-94.226828. India Restaurant is at 35.512771,-94.113877. If
> you need to call, my cell is 479 926 6048, Joe's 479 521 1858, and
> Vivek's 479 935 5883.
> Kannan
> Fort Smith
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