Date: 7/18/22 2:43 pm
From: catherine paris <cparis12010...>
Subject: Insect numbers DO affect birds
Daniel once again I commend you for making connections.

If you really want to know what's available for birds turn on your porch
light and take pictures. I have years of observational data. EO Wilson also
said each of us, has a bug phase. Mine came much too late. And I have
apologies to give!

But I'm now fascinated with caterpillars. Thank you, David Wagner, Eastern
Caterpillars and lepidopterist Lori Spencer. Arkansas's natural heritage
interpreter and author, Arkansas Butterflies and Moths (Its a small world
category, forward by Michael Pyle of Cape Cod ). For all birders you can't
imagine the CO evolution of caterpillars and birds. For millenia.

Caterpillars are very, very clever in the evolutionary scheme. Most changes
forced on them by birds. We know they hide but...

Where insect numbers have been monitored in mainland Europe for decades, as
of a several yrs ago, data analysis shows 60% drop in overall numbers.

Bee colonies as a super organism have been there and done that. Fabulous
ability to alter its environment.

BUT not when it has been altered rapidly. So, perhaps climate change is the
problem BECAUSE of the RATE of change. And, is of course, only another
factor in the demise of native colonies.

Catherine Paris
Ozark County

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