Date: 7/18/22 7:46 am
From: <edgew...>
Subject: Behave yourselves!
Hi gang,

Thought that subject line would catch your eye.

Just want to alert you that I'm signing off Mobirds while I go to Aussieland for three weeks, where wifi will be very limited, I and don't want to come back to 3,000 messages. I'll read your words of wisdom in the archives when I return.

With a lot of help, I've spent much of the last three weeks working on MBS business--good stuff to serve our members and contribute to the welfare of birds and birders. We now have full liability insurance; we've scheduled a zoom-based Shorebird Workshop Part 2 with Pete Monacell for July 28, Register in advance for this workshop:
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; committed $5,000 to a partnership research project to monitor Cerulean Warblers; Ernesto Carman will be coming from Costa Rica to be the keynote speaker for the MoBCI conference in August; and, registration for the MBS Fall Meeting September 23-25 in Columbia, with Julie Zickefoose as the keynote speaker and an array of field trips and three catered meals , is ready to open on the MBS website on August 13, .

Oh, and the easiest way to behave yourselves, of course, is to go birding. See you in mid-August.

Bodacious birding,

Edge Wade
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