Date: 7/16/22 4:06 am
From: janis blanton <janis.blanton...>
Subject: Re: Limpkins?
There are two limpkins there but they are generally seen separately.  
Best places to spot them are along coal creek (near the two blinds) or by the observation tower.
They are hanging out in lake sherry.  Be sure to look up in the trees as they are sometimes resting up there.  I’ve also seen them standing in the grass or working the grass along the stream
I have had one come within a few feet of me 
So my word of advice is look along the bank beside the observation tower or near the two bird blinds where coal creek feeds into lake sherry.

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On Saturday, July 16, 2022, 5:48 AM, Sandy Berger <sndbrgr...> wrote:

Finally trying to see Tulsa limpkin. Has it been on recreation lake or the small pond at Oxley? And what trail is best to take? Thank you. 
Sandy B. 

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