Date: 7/14/22 11:12 am
From: Steve Marak <samarak...>
Subject: Re: Barred Owls in east Fayetteville

A long time ago now, more than 20 years, I'm sure, Cathy and I went on
an owl prowl led by a local guy here in NW Arkansas who could do a great
Barred Owl call.

He started calling, and within 5 minutes or so got an owl to respond.
But as soon as it did, a second owl also responded, and the two started
an intense and rapid conversation for a minute or so, then ... nothing.
Our leader wasn't able to get either to respond again.

He said - paraphrasing of course - "that sometimes happens, if a couple
of owls are around, they start talking, then apparently fly off arm in
arm or something". So he'd heard that before, but I don't think he
really knew what kind of behavior it was.

I hear Barred Owls here (west Springdale) regularly if I'm outside late
at night and sometimes hear a couple of them from different directions,
and I know they can hear each other, but I've never heard that kind of
interaction again.


On 7/13/2022 11:01 PM, jonathanperry24 wrote:
> Okay, this may not interest many of you.  But I've been in my study in
> our house in the East Oaks neighborhood of Fayetteville, and just less
> than ten minutes ago heard this:
> First Barred Owl: Hoot hootie hoot
> Okay, we all know that.  But then, after several iterations--
> Second Barred Owl: Hoot hoot hoot hoot
> And this went on for about a minute.  Which, if you check with your
> smart phone, is a really long time.
> So: socializing? mating? challenging? congregating? friending?
> I've never heard this before in our neighborhood or anywhere else,
> though I will say that Barred Owls are actually pretty frequent
> callers in our neighborhood, one of the blessings of living amongst trees.
> Y'all be good.
> Jonathan Perry, Ph.D.
> Licensed Psychologist
> Fayetteville, Arkansas
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