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Subject: [ia-bird] FW: Snowy Owl

I just got this and have no more details but it adds to what Fawn described the other day.

Ann Johnson

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Subject: Snowy Owl

Hi Ann,

I didn't find out about it until after it left, but there was a Snowy Owl sighted, between New Hampton and Lawler, IA in late June this year. Enclosed picture was taken June 29th with a cell phone.

I don't have all the information, but evidently it was spending time on this light pole, at the entrance to the local ethanol plant. Corn would spill as grain trucks came and left, meaning lots of mice, voles, etc. Easy pickings for the owl.

Has anyone else reported seeing it? Of course, I'm extremely disappointed that I missed out on the opportunity to get some really great pictures and witness it so close as it was. Has there been reports of a Snowy in Iowa during the summer before?

Karl 😕

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