Date: 11/25/21 10:24 am
From: Paul Hurtado <paul.j.hurtado...>
Subject: Barred Owl north of Gerlach
Thomas Takano observed a BARRED OWL near Fly Geyeser that was previously
found by an acquaintance on a trail camera.

The bird was on private property and the property management is not
currently allowing visitors, so there is a strong NO TRESSPASSING request
at this time.

However, the bird WAS VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD where it was seen yesterday
roosting in a stand of Russian Olives.

Those trees are here, at the north end of a small reservoir between the Fly
Ranch pin and Fly Geyeser on Google maps:

40°50'40.9"N 119°20'07.1"W

Please be safe if you head up to look for it, and bring a scope.

I plan to head up tomorrow morning and will report back if anything changes
as far as access goes.

Lastly, this is a review species in NV, so if you see it please submit a
report to the NBRC:

Good birding,
Paul Hurtado
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