Date: 11/25/21 7:35 am
From: Chad Kauffman <chadkauffman...>
Subject: Re: merlins
very nice bill

any word of the bigger falcons anywhere?  I know it is early but I think
sightings from prior years happened by now

might have to wait until the snow geese though

On 11/25/2021 9:59 AM, william chambers wrote:
> Hello,    everyone hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Wanted to
> let everyone know that the Merlin's are back in the area and using PSU
> golf course as there roosting area again this year.  I have already
> seen up to 3 at one time in there.  I attached a pic of a beautiful
> male that I took a few days ago. He is very light almost like he may
> have a few Richardson's genes in him.
>    The best time to go looking for them is the last 1 1/2 to 1 hour of
> day light.  I am not sure how long this will be a hot spot, because it
> looks like they are going to cut down 95% of the Pine trees on the
> course, which is what the Merlin's like for roosting and hiding the
> extra food. They have all of them marked with pink tape.
> Take care, Bill C!
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