Date: 11/24/21 12:28 pm
From: Lisa D. Walker, (Feather Forestwalker) <feather...>
Subject: [Mendobirds] Yellow-bellied Sapsucker - Rose Memorial Gardens
This morning and against my better judgement because I am dealing with
some health issues, I went to Rose Memorial Gardens to search for the
reported Tennessee Warbler. I did not re-find the warbler, but while I
stood checking out the Banksia trees, a sapsucker flew in. At first I
thought it was a Red-breasted or Red-naped, but when I texted Roger
Adamson, he said Chris L had an adult male YELLOW-BELLIED there the other
day. So I sent him one of my photos and he confirmed - adult male
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. This is a Life Bird for me and I can now say I
have seen all four N American Sapsucker species. I only need photos of the
Williamson's :)

Happy Birding!

Lisa D Walker-Roseman, Fort Bragg-Cleone

PS. Two photos attached

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