Date: 11/17/21 11:46 am
From: Beverly Propen <bpropen...>
Subject: [CT Birds] CACC
11/17 Milford, Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center 10am-1PM, high tide,
receding, partly overcast/partly sunny, 45-53F- viewed from Coastal Center
building. Hunters and fishermen on the marsh. Several human visitors
today who were here for the first time and really enjoyed the views and
avian wildlife.
On the marsh: in the morning- 16 Gadwalls, 2 mallards, 4 Brant, 14
American Black ducks, 1 Northern harrier coasting over. As the tide was
receding- 49 Canada Geese came in.
The feeders were busy with an estimate of 30 House finches flitting around
and then feeding on the small bluish berries on the cedar trees, 1 Purple
Finch (male) and 1 House finch with the orange coloration also at the
Many birds drinking and bathing on the marsh edge.
On the grounds and feeders: Mourning doves, Robins, 3 Cardinals, estimate
of 200 starlings singing in the trees in front of coastal center, House
sparrows at feeders and brush piles, Blue Jays, a Carolina wren, a Downy
1 American Tree sparrow, 1 Fox sparrow at the brush pile on side of coastal
center, 1 Cowbird at the brush pile, 2 White throated sparrows and 3 Song
Full report on Ebird.
Bev Propen, Orange

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