Date: 11/17/21 7:30 am
From: Aidan Kiley <eezambo...>
Subject: [CT Birds] CT Rarity Roundup
Hi CT Birders,

Peak rarity season is upon us. The Northeast has been exploding with
vagrants over the past few weeks.

Given the recent success of one in Rhode Island, I am organizing a CT
Rarity Roundup for this coming weekend, Friday November 19th- Sunday
November 21st.

Basically the concept is to get a group of birders together who can commit
to checking underbirded (or brand new!) areas with the goal of running into
rarities that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Areas that I would suggest checking in particular are obscure areas that
nobody or very few people bird. Think random schools, ponds, open fields,
small parks, meadows, thickets, even neighborhoods or random roads that
have decent habitat.

In addition, think of potentially underbirded areas of well-known areas
such as Hammo.

Here is a list of species that are more than possible to be around CT right
now to give an idea of what to be on the lookout for:

-Eared Grebe
-Cave Swallow
-Spotted Towhee
-Western Tanager
-Western Meadowlark
-Townsend’s Solitaire (they love juniper)
-Ash-throated Flycatcher (open brushy areas or fields)
-Rare empids such as Pacific-slope or Dusky, Hammonds or Gray (could show
up anywhere!- think the Branford Pac-slope).
-Kingbirds such as Tropical, Cassin’s, Gray or Western
-Rare geese or ducks
-Wood Stork
-White Ibis
-White-winged, Eurasian Collared or Common Ground Doves
-Golden-crowned Sparrow

Obviously none of these are "expected", nor is this a comprehensive list.

But with some effort, dedicated birders may be able to turn something up!


-Here is the invite link to a GroupMe chat where interested birders can
coordinate, organize and share any good findings (in addition to the
listserv of course). It's very simple to download the app and make a
profile if you are interested.


You're invited to join my group "CT Rarity Roundup" on GroupMe.

-Also: I have created a Google spreadsheet. If you would like, please add
your name and any locations you would be interested I birding this weekend.

*If you would like a participate in any way, please contact me with any
questions or suggestions.

Whether you'd like to search one location or bird all weekend, your help is

Thanks and good birding!

Aidan Kiley

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