Date: 11/10/21 11:33 am
From: Brian Fitch <fogeggs...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Sutro Long-tailed Duck
Variety of species finally picked this morning at the Sutro Baths. The
highlight was what I'm guessing is a young male Long-tailed Duck, which
flew into the Gate just over the water from the southwest. It had the all
dark wings of the species, black and white dorsal striping of the male, but
little marking on the face, and no long tail. In an image search just now,
I found a photo of a large flock representing a number of plumage
variations, and there was a single bird that matched what I saw today.

Other species of interest included:
Greater Scaup - five small flocks
White-winged Scoter - a flock of 7 meandering north and then west
Bufflehead - a pair
Pacific Loon
Horned Grebe
Pomerine Jaeger
Bonaparte's Gull - 10+
8 other expectable gull species, including Thayer's and Ring-billed

Brian Fitch

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