Date: 11/8/21 10:49 am
From: Larry Havey <ldhavey...>
Subject: [CT Birds] Bird Photograpy - A Polite Request
This is a general plea requesting that those seeking to photograph certain
birds, particularly birds drawing crowds of birders, be willing to exercise
some added restraint and accept a somewhat less than perfect photo in
exchange for the greater good of both the bird and your fellow birders. A
crowd of 20 people ~30 feet from a Snowy Owl was at the very least a
constant distraction to the owl this morning. Whether or not the bird was
stressed is beyond my ability to determine, so I will not even speculate.
But every movement, every noise from that many people at such a close
distance repeatedly commanded the owl's attention.

This is an entirely polite ask, and not intended to stir up yet more debate
or to condemn photographers in any way. So let's all avoid doing either of
these things. I enjoy your photographs as much as anyone, but I'd still
appreciate them all the same if you gave birds in these particular
situations a bit more space.

Thank you,
Larry Havey
Bethel, CT

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