Date: 11/2/21 9:37 am
From: Evleen <evleensf...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] Strange SF day
Hi Rachel,
This is a belated and enduring reaction to the event you reported about the Lake Merced osprey. I’ve been obsessing on it - first because ospreys are my favorite raptors for their beauty and the fact that they dont prey on other birds - and second as to me this anomaly might be yet another alarming signal at things being out of wack with our environment - and its effects on all living things.
In an attempt at deciphering the osprey’s behavior that day, i came up with a possible reason: in its haste, might the osprey have acted as the duck was beneath the waterline, thinking it was a large fish?

Appreciate your thoughts about the matter.

> On Oct 25, 2021, at 20:30, Rachel Lawrence <Rachelalawrence...> wrote:
> Today was an odd day in the city for mammals and birds. There were 3 coyotes sleeping in a raised bed in Fort Mason when I arrived at 8 am and after I’d done an hour or so circuit of FM, 2 of them were sleeping in the same spot, seemingly exhausted.
> On Crissy field there seemed to be a mass drowning of gophers, I counted 10 drowned gophers on the surface,on a walk straight across the field so who knows how many were on the rest of the field or underground. Seems odd that they are so maladapted to storms?
> Then at lake Merced I heard a commotion and an osprey calling. It had a live bird flapping in its talons. The bird’s was dark with a pale band on the underwing but comparatively large though not as large as a coot. Judging from the size and what was around it was most likely a ruddy duck! I have never seen an osprey with anything but a fish..
> So no rarities but bizarre occurrences!
> Good birding
> Rachel​
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