Date: 9/23/21 1:25 pm
From: Gary Martindale <gary_martindale...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Savanah Sparrow or Vesper Sparrow?
Hi all,

I photographed a sparrow at the Homeless Garden this morning. At first I thought it might be a SASP, but it lacked the yellow wash on the lores, and the crown and back seem more strongly patterned crown and back than what I was expecting. As well, the eye line on SASPs are usually bolder extending all the way to the eye. The eye line and the auriculars seem more framed like a VESP as shown in the worn adult image in Sibley's. The bill seems small for a SASP. Lastly, there is a slight peak at the underside of the tail on one photo and a view from the back side that a slight whitish margin on the edges of the tail feathers.

These lead me to lean towards a VESP, but I am not 100% confident in my ID since worn feathers can be deceiving.

I would love anyone to chime in and share your thoughts.


Gary Martindale

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