Date: 9/19/21 8:03 am
From: Lisa Larson <lisafaylarson...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Grace's Warbler
Good morning birders,

I refound the warbler yesterday afternoon after about an hour searching
with Earl and Nico in the area closer to the Slough where it had flown from
the big acacia by Gold's Gym minutes before I arrived.

We had gone back to the parking lot across from Gold's when I saw it fly
across the street from the big acacia by Gold's! It went to a little acacia
directly east, very close to where we were standing! It gave us some great
views in that little tree, despite increasing wind.

Eventually it flew east toward Struve Slough again. Everyone dispersed but
I stayed to see if it would come back again. And it did! I spotted 2 small
yellow birds fly to the big acacia by Gold's, and Grace's was one of them!
I got one more good look and then I couldn't find it.

So, clearly, it favors that tree; if it didn't migrate last night and you
want to try for it, go to that tree first.

Thank you David Sidle for finding it there and staying to help other

Good luck!

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