Date: 4/8/21 1:38 pm
From: Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Swanzey and Richmond birds.
I finally saw some birds worth reporting this week.

Yesterday by the back of the Swanzey airport on 32 (back by neighbors) I
saw a kestrel. I also saw two ringneck ducks on the small pond their.

Sadly most of the unusual waterfowl on the airport road are gone except for
mallards, black ducks, and hooded mergansers in the brushy area. (Last week
when driving their a hawk flew across the road low to the ground but I
could not find it to get a good view to ID ir).

Today I seen a FOY yellow bellied sapsucker in Richmond. This week phoebe
returned to Richmond despite them being in Swanzey for a couple weeks.

A couple odd but not rare sightings from last week were a mockingbird in
Richmond, picking around under my feeders. (They are common in suburbanized
parts of surrounding towns but I rarely see them in Richmond. Also a Red
Winged Blackbird whose wing patch was grey was photographed by my father in

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