Date: 4/8/21 7:55 am
From: Wes Fritz via <wes-fritz...>
Subject: Re: [sbcobirding] Spring migration happening now

SB Birders,

First I want to agree with Joan about migration, it is definitely on. I’m finding the mornings are really birdy with lots of birds in song and they seem to be moving upslope. I have been birding in higher elevations, like Montecito and upper drainages of Goleta and Santa Barbara as well. Which could explain why Joan’s water feature is going off in the afternoons. I have checked a few lower vagrant traps that we would normally use during fall and they are pretty bird less. I have been focusing on areas with large mature Oaks with mixed Sycamore and Willow and well planted yards.

Second, the Hummingbird situation is not good. I was talking with Cruz Phillips last Saturday and she said she was having a slow year too. It seems that everyone I talk to that has
feeders up are doing poorly this season. I even stop by houses with feeder stations and give it
5 minutes or so, and I’m not seeing very many hummers. Cheryl Lish up in AG, in SLO
County has a big feeder station with multiple feeders and she has a long list of good vagrant and a couple megas that have showed up over the years, she saw here first Black-chinned Hummer yesterday, so it’s pretty bad out there. I have heard that this very dry year and the lack of flowers might be the reason?

Lastly, yesterday, Cuyama had 54 Swainson’s Hawks in the late afternoon, so they are still coming through. If you do decide you would like to look for these Hawks, try along Foothill Road and the late afternoons/evenings try over on Alisos Road. Anyway, it’s pretty cool to see a large group of Swainson’s Hawks.

Good birding.

Wes Fritz
805 895 0685
Solvang CA

> On Apr 7, 2021, at 8:42 PM, Nick Lethaby <nlethaby...> wrote:
> Joan,
> How is the hummer situation on Montecito? I have see no migrant hummers at all in Wichester Canyon the last few days.
> Nick
> Nick Lethaby, Goleta, CA
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2021, 5:24 PM Joan Lentz ( address) <joanlentz...> wrote:
>> Hi all: Just so you’ll have a heads up: spring bird migration is in progress, although a bit slow to see right now. Remember last spring how windy it was? We may not get such a show this year, because the birds aren’t clogged up by the winds, but trust me, they are coming through! If you have a water feature of any kind in your yard or off your balcony, the birds will thank you in this dry year. Just to see the Yellow-rumped Warblers in full breeding garb (!) combined with some of the orioles and the Black-headed Grosbeaks is enough to get you started. I really like making an eBird list when I’m looking out at my backyard, too.
>> You can look online at Bird Cast, which shows you what’s happening in the skies at night.
>> If you’re trying to get a friend interested in birding, have them sit out with you on one of these evenings when the birds are stopping off to get a drink or to bathe — any source of water that you’ve discovered is bound to attract a crowd of migrants right about now. Many are in full breeding attire and look gorgeous!
>> Good birding!
>> Joan Lentz
> --
> Nick Lethaby
> Goleta, CA

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